Carefully Selected Medical Professionals

After our founder found herself without health insurance and unable to afford to pay for a biopsy of her lymph nodes, she decided to relocate to a country that offered better healthcare options.

She was able to find a specialist who was able to provide her with the tests she needed for under $500 USD (procedures that would have costed well over $15,000 USD).
What she realized is that access to quality and affordable healthcare is a basic human right, and that nobody should have to pray and hope for the best when it comes to taking care of their health.



Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry

The Levelup Beauty Tours is a concierge medical tourism service that connects you with the best medical professionals for your healthcare needs, including labor and delivery, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry (including cosmetic dentistry, i.e Veneers, etc.).

From helping you connect with the carefully selected medical service providers, booking the hotels and airport pickup, to fun tours and activities while you are in town. We make sure that you have an experience that makes you feel confident and amazing.





Safe Labor & Delivery Options

  • Are you a woman wanting to expand your global healthcare options?

  • Do you live in a country where you cannot afford healthcare?

  • Would you like safer labor and delivery options for yourself and your baby?

  • Are you looking for affordable and SAFE cosmetic surgery procedures?

  • Are you needing affordable dental care, or wanting affordable cosmetic procedures like veneers?

  • Would you like to turn your medical appointment into a mini vacation/holiday?